Friday ReFlections (but not on Friday) #FrF

Ok, so it was clearly bound to happen that I would fall off the wagon. I thought about it all day on Friday, what was I going to write about. What was I thinking? So much had happened and it was a good week and then of course life swooped in and said, “actually, I need your attention over here…” and so this fell to the wayside a tiny bit. So here I am picking it back up.

I had a pretty great week and even better, it had me feeling a little uncomfortable. Just the way learning should be!

How building it and reinforcing it feels so good. I’m of the mindset that when you put an idea out there you are exposed to being wrong especially if you are coming from a place of not knowing. That’s the exciting part. Then when you put the pieces together and then the validation starts coming there is an overwhelming feeling of meaning.

Being open to receiving feedback. While it hurts every time someone tells you something you did that could have been better or had an impact you didn’t intend. It is good to sit in that discomfort and really think about it. I’m happy that I have an open relationship with my friends that they feel like they can tell me something that isn’t easy for then to say or me to hear. I appreciate our strength.

I am so thankful for this week. Especially the part where I felt like I sucked.


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