Jennifer Chan webHere’s the longer story…

I write this as a way to introduce myself to you, for the good, the bad and they ugly. I like to work with people who get an honest look at who I am and then I don’t have to spend time being someone else to try and impress you. I can promise if we work together, you will always get a lot of high energy, a ton of ideas, an honest opinion, a strategic mindset and a yearning to solve bigger and better problems. However, you may not get a lot of patience from me about navigating bureaucratic systems.

I am an inquisitive person filled with unanswered questions and a drive to seek connections and understanding. Currently, I am able to support organizations and communities do the same thing through my company, Exhibit Change. Exhibit Change is a full-service experience design firm. We do design-driven community engagement. We work to bring stakeholders into the design process earlier and longer to form relationships that matter.

I started Exhibit Change in 2009.┬áTo be honest, I started this company as a way to connect a variety of building blocks that I felt like I had invested in but didn’t yet fit together. Running my own shop has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs, I feel like I have taken life’s MBA and still am.

Through this journey, I have been privileged to get to work on a collection of truly impactful projects and meet really passionate people. There is something about continuously connecting with people who are working to make a difference in their slice of life that inspires me immensely.

I am a serial starter and love the bring new life and energy to ideas. If we work together, you will definitely encounter by generator personality trait and likely have to find a way to stop me from talking. I recommend cookies or just telling me to shut up works too.

I am pretty obsessed with personality tests and spend a great deal of time doing personal reflection about who I am, how I can help others, what is my bigger purpose, and starting this loop over again.