Friday reFlections #FrF Connectivity & Translation

don't let woundsStarting a tradition only works if you keep at it. It would have been easy to let this fall off the  wagon this week, but here I am! I am going to push through this. This week has been super busy. By Monday evening I already felt like it had been a whole week’s worth of insight, connections and energy. Now four days later, I can barely remember what happened on Monday or believe that it was the same week as this one.

How powerful is connectivity? In a time when we are making connections rapidly with technology, people and ideas; how do we re-enforce the power of making the connection long lasting?

I am taking a summer course that is a hybrid between a local classroom and another one classroom that we are connecting to through the internet. Our class is about designing for 2050. It seems symbolic that while we are trying to model a classroom of the future, we are missing out on the basics of connecting. The value of eye contact, a hand shake, knowing what someone’s laugh sounds like are surfacing for me as key missing pieces.

What gets lost in translation? In what we say, the gestures we make, the statements we stick by, the power and impact of words can slap you in the face or can lift you up.

I say a lot and then sometimes I struggle to say what I mean. There are times when I put something out there and I hear it back and I think that was precisely what I have been mulling over and didn’t know it until I said it. While then there are the times when I say something before I have had time to think it through and it cuts the wrong way and then I spend far too much time trying to undo it all.

While some of the wounds feel fresh, I am ready to heal.


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