Friday reFlections #FrF

we are more of what we do.

It is Friday afternoon and I thought I would make up a new tradition. When I used to work in an office everyday, Fridays were the days when people mellowed out from the week’s grind. There were longer lunches, chats about what was happening on the weekend and things are winding down. Especially as the days are heating up, I really miss the anticipation of Friday patio drinks. Since I am often working alone on a Friday, I thought I would decompress with the colleagues who are always around. That would be me, the cats and all my lovely Twitter people!

So, Friday reFlections are born.

The Follow Friday trend of giving shout-outs to the people who you admire, inspire you, starting following you, etc has quickly grown. I am proposing that we take the #FF trend and boost it to #FrF and get people to take some time on Friday afternoon to reflect on what has happened over the week.

Reflection (noun) :

1. The act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
2. Something, such as light, radiant heat, sound, or an image, that is reflected.

Flection (noun):

1. The act of bending a joint or limb in the body by the action of flexors.
2. The resulting condition of being bent.

Friday reFlections are a place to look back on a week’s worth of hard work, to look for the light in the challenges that you may have faced, to think about the unusual places of mentorship that you might have received, to process the shifts in perspectives and to get ready to adapt and bend to next week’s actions. It is an act of digesting another week past as a piece of a bigger picture.

For my first #FrF

What is the new model of mentorship? It is colliding with a person who elevates and shifts your thinking to the next level. Whether it happens regularly, irregularly or by accident.

What happens when you put the issues in the middle? It changes the way you think when you focus on the issue as central to your work. It is what makes the pieces fall into place.

How do you make culture? As the world is rapidly changing, and culture seems to be keeping stride. Are we actually all that different or is our core values the same as when we were living in caves?

I invite you to join me on Friday afternoons to reflect on your week, especially when it feels like the challenges are mounting, when your energy needs a recharge and when you the next steps seem far away.

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