Friday reFlection #FrF Task & Maintenance

neil-gaiman-quoteI was grateful to spend a week teaching and learning. It was an exceptional week working with along side people who I admire and had the opportunity of making mistakes with. Seeing that together, we are all going through the same things and that this work isn’t about perfection. It is an honour to be reminded of the mess and ambiguity of it all.

The uncomfortable parts are really what pushes me to keep at it and to keep iterating.

Absolutely lasting words in my brain this week are task & maintenance.

How does the task swirl in your head? What is it that keeps me awake at night feeling busy and keeping me from my REM cycle? What is it that makes me feel alive even when I am tired? The task doesn’t feel like work when you are loving every last second of it. The task is what occupies our minds and hearts but it isn’t all there is.

How does maintenance make our relationships last? The time we spend doing the little things, getting coffee together, checking in on what we are doing right but more importantly what we could be doing better. To get the genuine feedback and be able to share the big picture is awesome.

Taking the time to work on the me and we in each day.


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