Everyday Learning

I have been writing more and more about everyday learning – this is something that I regularly think about, the little life lessons that sneak up on us when we are going about our normal business.

These are the moments that can easily wash over us in the blur of everyday, but for me I am trying to take the time to notice these moments and more so how I react in these moments. It is the times when I am at the gym, on the subway, walking down the street that always spark the most interesting finds in the most routine places. I love when I am doing something that I find to be dull or even boring and then bam I realize that this moment is comparable to another problem I am trying to solve or to inspire another blog post. It is the natural tendencies that reveal themselves when I let the routine train of thought take over and my mind starts to wander.

Living through inquiry and curiosity has served me multiple times when I discover something new just simply by not paying attention. I am sure these are the moments that make me looking like I am a total space cadet, but it is simply part of my everyday learning lesson plan.

Inspire Yourself!


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