Practice makes…

Perfect? I don’t really believe in perfect, so I am just going to say practice makes for more practice. It would have been easy for me to let myself “forget” to write for 2 minutes today, but then I thought if I slip this time, what is to stop me next time?

Today I thought that the inspiration would hit be for what to write, and as I tried to come up with cleaver topics and bits of wisdom, the pressure was too much and I was going to simply give up. But then I remembered that this practice isn’t about being perfect and really there is no pressure, because I am doing this with no expectations, and just like that, this blog began to flow.

Sometimes there is a need to add pressure. For example, in the massage I had today the pressure released the knots in my back or when pressure turns carbon to diamonds, but then there is the pressure that makes volcanos erupt or people crack. How can I let pressure in when I need it and out when it isn’t doing me any good? How do I remind myself that the pressure to practice is sometimes all I need to just keep going?

Inspire Yourself!


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