Knowing Your Influence

Having influence is an invisible power that can be used with authority for good or evil, like trust it needs to be earned and can easily disappear, but using it well can be extremely powerful.

I was reminded of this when I observed a young boy eating lunch with his sister, mom and nanny today. His nanny tried to feed his sister some soup and little sis shook her head and resisted, then mom tried to feed the sister again a spoonful of soup, all this didn’t go unnoticed by the young boy. He knew his place, he knew he could do something. As mom fed him soup, he looked at his little sister and made a very pleased look and even some yummy noises. This time when mom attempted feeding her again she was successful!

I was so impressed by the way he knew his influence and wielded it for good to help out. That influence may run out eventually or it may become more powerful, but for now he is doing what he can. Keep it up little guy, and thanks for the lesson today 🙂

Inspire Yourself!


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