Tests of Life

In the school of life, the tests are always pop quizzes and the answers are never in the back of the book. Being on this trip, the tests usually come as small and infrequent bursts of frustration or confusion and then pass quickly.

Sometimes the small pieces stack on top of one another and that is when the outbursts come, this is when the most amount of patience is needed and sometimes it isn’t always readily available, this is when mistakes are made. A few lines of miscommunication, a bit of stubbornness and some hurt feelings that take their toll. These moments can easily ramp up the intensity of even the smallest disagreement in a way that feels endless.

Then something actually happens that tests your will and that is when the little pop quizzes are put into perspective. This is when it is time to band together and to just remember that the tests of life are always going to keep coming so not to let the pop quizzes overwhelm you from all the learning.

Inspire yourself!


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