Let passion lead the way!

In my quest to learn to do nothing and in my happiness project I have found one thing. If I let passion lead the way, I will never get lost. I have always believed when setting life goals that setting specific milestones can set you up for disappointment or confusion, but when you set coordinates your journey will figure it self out.

I am on the most amazing 4 month Asia adventure and while many might take the opportunity to take a welcomed sabbatical from their work, I have found ways to keep working while away. I had initially thought I would try my hardest not to work, that the time away from the daily grind would give me a break I wanted, but it turned out that the break wasn’t what I wanted at all.

My passion led me to an idea, to resources, to people and all the power to make things happen! I just couldn’t turn my back on my passion when it was basically beating down my door. It is amazing how right it feels when passion leads the way.

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