Time to download

Bah! I just wrote a whole blog about downloading and it disappeared…there is something so ironic about that. I will try and re-write as best as I can from my memory.

Do you ever feel like your processor is going to overload or your files need to be wiped? Or at least resorted and filed again. That is precisely how I feel about my life right now. I am an opportunities chaser, and while you might be thinking that is not a bad thing and for the most part it isn’t, right now it is a little overwhelming. As an opportunities chaser, I meet amazing people working on phenomenal projects and just can’t resist getting involved and then this happens again and again and again….until I get to a point where I need to make some big decisions. This is where I am now. It is time to download.

Downloading to me, means taking time to review and analyze the files I have open and to see if it is time to keep open, save as, or close the file all together. Some files might can re-categorized or put into a folder for “follow up”. Either way, it means it is time to re-organized and reboot for a fresh start.

In the next month or so, I will be working on refreshing my processor and organizing my downloads. I have also been revisiting the need for structure and so, I am looking into some new tools. I am using a mixture of paper agendas and notebooks, Wunderlist and Popplet. Wunderlist is an app that is on my phone, iPad and computer, so that my to-do lists are always accessible. Popplet is a mindmapping tool that is web based and I am using it to sort out ideas, opportunities and connections that are floating around in my head. I am finding that the tools that work best for me are the ones that are available as soon as an thought floats into my conscience. I am learning to make the tools work for me, rather than working for the tools.

What tools or practices do you use to download?

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