Running slower

This week I had the chance to talk to my life coach mentor and good friend, M on skype. It is the first time we have talked since I left for my trip over a month ago. We talked about how I lasted about 6 weeks before I needed to start working again, about a few mutual friends, about where life was taking us. Throughout the conversation I thought about how grateful I was for technology and the fact that you can miles away and hours apart but can easily reconnect for at least a little taste of each other’s company. M said something that has stuck with me and I have been thinking about a bit, she said that while I was obviously excited and enjoying myself, she could tell that I was talking slower. We laughed that maybe it was just the skype connection, but she was sure it was that while I needed to get back to work that the last month or so has in fact relaxed me. So I am running slower.

I am known for being an energetic, fast talker who projects passion in a way that can be contagious or overwhelming for others. So the idea that I am noticeably running slower is fascinating to me. I think it means that while I love my work that it has had the tendency to be all consuming and taking the break to think about other things and absorb differently has proven to make a change. How do I learn to run slower? Is running slower better? Can I keep it up?

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