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I learned a new word this week. Multipotentiality.  “Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to a pattern found among intellectually gifted individuals.” I find this both to be, humourous and comforting. When I was a kid, I really wanted to go to gifted classes because once a week the really smart kids got to leave class and go somewhere, I had… Read more →

Building Blocks

*re-posted from Exhibit Change from June 28, 2010* Lego pieces are well known as interlocking building blocks. Lego pieces build foundations. Lego pieces are better together than alone. While at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, there was a wall of lego pieces, this sparked a conversation between hubby and I about lego pieces and the way they represent different people. There are… Read more →

Racing for more

This summer, as a means to check it off my list of things to do in my life, I joined Hubby’s corporate dragon boat team so that I could know what it was like to row and to compete. I wasn’t expecting much from this. Last year, they placed in second last and our goal this year was purely not… Read more →

My declaration to Mandy

In the fall of 2010, I got a chance to get to know Mandy in the kitchen at our co-work space. Mandy is a neuroscientist, life coach, yoga instructor…ultimate frisbee player. Mandy and I started a conversation about design thinking, I remember leaving the conversation with a great sense of inspiration and delight, Mandy and I began a relationship towards… Read more →