Back at it!

I have quite literally taken FAR too long a break from this blog, giving myself time to reflect and process and just plain using my brain for this kind of stuff.

For the most important reason of all, I became a Mama!

While I absolutely love love love love love love (I could keep going…) LOVE my kid. I know that he and I will do a lot better if I work. He needs to see it and I need to see that I am just a more well-rounded human being when I work and use my creative juices.

Today is my first day back from being primary caregiver. My hubby takes over today. Admittedly, it won’t be exactly a total switch-a-roo. I will probably work most mornings and then head back hang out for the afternoon and then maybe do some more work in the evenings as I have been doing up until now.

All that being said, I am excited. I feel like this marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter of me. I am a working mom or a mom working as some might say. I will have different priorities, my brain works differently.

I packed my work bag this morning with my laptop, an iced coffee, a few snacks and headed up to our roof for a refreshing work environment. I wanted to set myself up for success.

I found a place to sit and set up. I got started with a quick list and reminder note to myself a “should you find yourself drifting or at a loss of what to be doing to be productive refer to me” kind of note.

Everything was in place for a productive working morning.

Less than an hour later, I get messages and pictures from hubby that J has gotten a cut. I had to muster up all my will-power not to go rushing back to make sure everything was ok. This is the transition. This is the new working mommy life. I will be stronger because of it.

Back at it!


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