Friday Reflections #FrF Wash & Fold

4b5f7f968e200e9c81f48c16cb5e7a19In our NYC adventure, we have been to museums, nice restaurants and not so fancy-but-still-delicious restaurants, wander the streets as much as we could take it in the heat and somehow the event I feel I need to write about is our trip to the laundromat. It just felt like the most New Yorker thing we have done yet.

The whole thing became more New York when an older lady in the laundromat took a special liking to us and began watching as we did our chores. It was clear we were not doing the task to her specifications and she had no trouble stepping in to show us the way. Twice she interjected and both times I smiled and watched.

How might I wash aside the idea that ordinary is boring? How might washes of inspiration last longer than their cycle? Wash away the the grime of the daily grind and find a freshness to the everyday. Thrive in the mundane tasks.

How might I fold the lessons of doing sheets into my work? How open am I to letting someone show me how to fold? Fold away from your routine, shake out the creases, work together and be ok with looking a little silly.

While doing laundry may seem like the most mundane thing we have done, there was something so rewarding and bucket list feeling about it. (NYC bucket list to come soon)


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