Giving Yourself Time

In a world where people constantly say they don’t have enough time, they are overworked, over-stressed and under appreciated, I want to give myself time. I met a young man yesterday who takes 2 minutes a day to write a story, so by the end of the year he will have some sort of book, or at the very least another good story. It reminded me how important time is. The 2 minutes rule has been applied and suggested to me in other formats too, take 2 minutes to really think about what you are doing, concentrate entirely on the moment and practice mindfulness. It is like a mini meditation retreat everyday. It made me realize how quickly we use 2 minutes, we are the ones to decide how our several 2 minute periods are used up throughout the day.

Today, I took 2 minutes to write this note. I’d like to see what happens when I give myself 2 minutes everyday to write. I am not going to pre-determine what those 2 minutes might produce, but I hope that just giving myself the permission to take the time will be a good enough start.

Inspire Yourself!


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